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Williams Dental Laboratory was started by Jake and Gail Williams in 1978 in the 200 square foot laundry room of their home. Jake’s stepson, Bob, started in the lab when he was 9 years old. He had his own clients before he was 16 years old and at 17, Bob had the opportunity to get his dental assisting license and work for a local dentist part time. Jake wanted Bob to have a strong understanding of how dentists and their team members worked with live patients. What Bob learned as an assistant was invaluable; how to communicate with the dentists and their teams – understanding their side of things – how to be a partner in their office – why it is important to guarantee all work – and most importantly, how to be “ahead of problems” before they can occur. Bob studied all the disciplines of dentistry and learned the “how and why” to run a business. By age 19, Bob was lecturing on aesthetics and all phases of implant dentistry.WDL has always been a full service dental lab fabricating gold, pfm’s, all ceramics and removables. The values Jake held from day one of standing behind all work and never saying no to special requests is at the core of WDL today…we strive for a strong relationship with all clients and team members, taking calls anytime day or night, communication before starting cases, RUSHING cases any time, offering suggestions regarding cases. WDL’s philosophy is to be disciplined with people, money and politics…..know where you come from all the time…be honest with yourself, your family and with those you work with. We are a service organization at heart and have a strong passion for what we do.

Williams Dental Lab Gilroy CA

Bob Clark, CDT, LVIM

Meet Bob

Bob Clark, CDT, LVIM. The first recipient of the Mastership award for technicians in the world, and Certified LVI Master Technician is the owner of Williams Dental Laboratory; a small, family operated, full service laboratory located in Gilroy, California. Bob has been working with LVI trained dentist for 21 years and leads a team of exceptional LVI trained technicians practicing Neuromuscular and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Working with patients that are seeking Aesthetic and Functional Dentistry has changed the way the custom laboratory must function. The business model that Williams uses is based purely on the “relationship with the client” and the management systems used to maintain that relationship. Williams Dental Laboratory has been able to combine two very powerful attributes to its laboratory…REAL consistency and providing the fastest “in lab” turnaround times in the country. This focus has allowed Williams to become one of the best NM and Aesthetic Dental Laboratories in the world.Bob is proud and blessed to work with an incredible team within the lab, and a remarkable group of dentist-clients throughout the USA, Australia, Canada, and Singapore.

Meet the Team

Front Office Staff

Meet Lynn, Veeann, Louiselle, Neil, Bianca and Annette. At Williams Dental Lab, we are a “service organization first and a dental lab second”. We understand the emotional component to your dental practice and want to facilitate whatever scheduling you, your team and your patient needs. Our favorite word is “YES”. We don’t like having a “scheduling policy”. If you need a certain day and time, we will do EVERYTHING to make that happen. The last thing you need to worry about is whether your case will arrive to us, be handled properly in the lab and delivered back to you on time. Let us take the apprehension out of scheduling and shipping. We are here to answer your questions and put your concerns at ease.


Meet Gail, Jen and Lou . They keep this place running. Their expertise will effortlessly guide you through any of your managerial and accounting needs.“We are dedicated to accomplishing 100% Customer Satisfaction with each and every aspect of your Dental Lab experience. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may encounter.”

Clinical Technicians

Every little detail is a big deal. As a small, highly trained team, we take great pride in our technical and clinical support and our ability to communicate with you whenever you need us.

Our motto is “Facilitate, Not Debilitate.” Every employee at WDL is a member of your team. With thoughtful communication and intuitive understanding, our clinical technicians, front office staff and administration work together as one cohesive unit to make sure you get exactly what you need with fast turnaround times.

We strongly feel there is no reason for a lab to take a long time to provide extraordinary results; every day. We are passionate about the responsibility placed in our hands and understand that our expertise becomes your success.

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