Bite Guards

Williams Dental Lab fabricates bite splints of all types. With years of educational background that ranges from the Dawson Academy, the Pankey Institute, KOIS Institute, Frank Spears,  to the Las Vegas Institute, we can support your occlusal philosophy and fabricate the type of bite splint that you are seeking. If your patients are bruxing and grinding, we can make a world of difference simply by relieving their nighttime discomfort and preventing further destruction of their teeth. We understand that comfort and fit will support compliance with the patient, and at Williams Dental Lab, we are happy to fabricate a thin hard splint, with plenty of tongue space, so that the patient, actually, wants to wear it.

Bite Guards / Bite Splints

All Williams Dental Lab bite splints are fabricated to the occlusal plane specifications on the upper or lower arch.

Scan & Send

Williams Dental Lab works with a wide variety of digital scanners. This cost effective digital impression method allows you to deliver your bite split quicker than ever.  Just scan and send! Replacement appliances can be fabricated on a moment’s notice while eliminating the need to recall a patient for new impressions. If you ever wish to reorder the same bite splint for your patient, Williams Dental Lab is here to print your digital models and refabricate your appliance. For more information on the variety of bite splints that Williams Dental Lab offers, please email

MaterialBite Splints, Nightguards
Impression TechniqueTraditional or Digital
Recommended UseNight time
PreparationAccurate bite registration, Clean Digital scan, void-free impressions
CementationNo cementation necessary
Method of ManufactureInjected acrylic, Milled
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