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Growing up in Williams Dental Laboratory, by his father’s (Jake Williams) side, Bob Clark was destined to become a lab technician. By age 17, Bob was working for a local dentist as a registered dental assistant by day, and by night, he was fabricating lab work as a certified lab technician.

As Bob Clark’s career began to take off, so too did his educational adventure. He was soaking up every type of dental and lab training available. He learned from Dawson Center, Pankey Institute, Spears Education, and, finally, the Las Vegas Institute. Bob has discovered that a comprehensive understanding of all occlusal philosophies would only allow him a more in-depth relationship with his clients. He would be able to relate; communicate, and deliver the results that they were seeking from Williams Dental Laboratory.

Over the next decade, Bob had completed every clinical and laboratory course offered at Las Vegas Institute for Dental Aesthetics, and he became the first laboratory technician in the world to earn the distinguished LVI Mastership. Word quickly spread that Bob’s work was second to none, and he soon became the favorite ceramist of LVI’s most prestigious dentists from around the world. Bob Clark has since been creating groundbreaking techniques in lab aesthetic dentures, dental ceramics, and digital dentistry. Bob leads an elite team of exceptional LVI trained technicians that deliver results in all areas of cosmetic and functional dentistry.

It speaks volumes that Bob has been asked to complete smile makeovers and full mouth reconstructions with over 150 influential dentists and dental team members. He has created the Williams Dental Lab business model that is based on building lasting relationship with clients; caring, and giving accurate communication. Also, fundamental to the business model is documentation between the clinician and the technician. Finally, Williams Dental Lab wants to exceed the expectations of the patients via efficient management systems within the laboratory.

Bob Clark is a published author, an international lecturer, KOL and consults for manufacturers around the globe that are on the forefront of CAD/CAM dentistry. Bob’s professional memberships and fellowships include American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics, and the Dental Laboratory Association of California.

For more information about Bob Clark, CDT, LVIM, FIAPA, please visit: or email

2 thoughts on “Bob Clark CDT, LVIM, FIAPA”

  1. Hello Bob!

    This is Jaime LaMore that used to work with Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Susan in Atlanta GA! I’m back in the area and working for another dentist. I’m trying to up his cosmetic cases. I know that you guys do beautiful work! He has been using the digital scanner (3M) for about 4-5 months. We are loving it!

    Could you please email or send a fee schedule to me? Also, I saw that you do wax-ups with the scanner too. If you have any sample photos of that, I would love to see it! Do you print the before models of this?

    I hope to work with you again!

    Thank you,
    Jaime LaMore

    Dr. Doug Worful
    13800 Hwy. 9 Suite K
    Alpharetta, GA 30004

  2. Hi! My name is Dr Taline Aghajanian. I am a general dentist in Houston. I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with Williams Dental Lab. Bob is an amazing ceramist and has mastered the art of making beautiful restorations for us dentists. Thank you!

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