Digital Dentistry CAD/CAM Technology

CAD/CAM technology has evolved in the recent years. Williams Dental Lab is on the forefront of technology, and we have an entire department within our full service lab dedicated to CAD/CAM dental restoration cases.
We support countless CAD/CAM dental scanners because we want to make the process seamless for you. Most all scanner systems allow you to submit your case to us directly, without leaving the program that you work with.

CAD/CAM Benefits

More dental professionals than ever are switching to digital scanning as a replacement to traditional impressions. It has become a more cost efficient way to deliver the same predictable results, but in a timely manner. Our CAD/CAM dental lab allows you to deliver your cases quicker without compromising your results.  Enjoy the many benefits that CAD/CAM systems offer you and your patients:


CAD/CAM dental systems have become extremely accurate. The digital scans are extremely detailed and offer more precession than traditional impressions. Accurate computer images allow our Williams Dental Lab expert technicians to fabricate restorations that are of the highest and most predictable quality.

Cost Savings

The money you save on impression material, impression trays, bite registration, shipping, packing, as well as chair time and staff cost, quickly, adds up to pay for your investment in a digital impression scanner. Your investment quickly pays for itself.  This decreased cost translates to a real reduction in overhead.

Time Savings

Traditional impressions take more time in the patient’s mouth than it takes to capture a digital scan. This results in more efficient care for your patient and less time in the chair.

Uses for CAD/CAM

Due to the advancements in the CAD/CAM dental field, clients have numerous types of restorations available by using the system. Practices that invest in a scanner typically use it to create:

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