Case Planning

Our Williams Dental Lab team has the ability to collaborate and assist you with case planning.  We do this to maximize your chair time; reduce frustration; improve lab results; maximize your profitability on a case; and, most of all, exceed the expectations of your patient. Bob Clark has spent the last two decades in continued education courses with his doctors, as well as, retained his mastership through the esteemed Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in your pretreatment planning, from smile design to implants, combination fixed/removable, and the most complex restorative cases. The time to develop a complete plan for treatment is always before the case is started. Williams Dental Lab will work with you to enable you to be at your very best at the chair.

In today’s competitive world of elective cosmetic dentistry, it requires a complete understanding of facial esthetics with a multidisciplinary approach. The details in treatment considerations can make the difference between acceptable and exceptional results.

We are excited and honored to collaborate with our clinicians for preliminary mouth preparations to improve the esthetics, select materials, case design, and diagnostic wax-ups to facilitate exceptional fabrication of provisional restorations.

Case Planning
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