Ceramic and Metal Free Solutions

Williams Dental Laboratory has been fortunate enough to have been involved with these systems from their inception into the dental industry. For years companies have consulted with us for feedback and suggestions aimed to increase the effectiveness of these materials for strength and esthetics.
CAD/CAM technology has been successfully adapted to the dental industry with 3D imaging and Virtual Visualization.

To summarize, there are three new types of milled products that have been developed. Leucite reinforced porcelain such as Empress Esthetic (yes we still proudly fabricate Empress Veneers, prepless veneers and crowns), requires bonding and can be used full contour or cut back and layered with translucent porcelains. We prefer the cutback method. Secondly, the stronger but still translucent lithium disilicate porcelain, such as e.max CAD, and e.max press. And finally, the highly tested Zirconia oxide stabilized with yttria such as e.max ZirCad, LAVA, Bruxzir, and Zirlux, colored monolithic solid zirconium. Milled e.max is very interesting because of the greater strength when compared to a waxed and pressed restoration.

The material choice that falls between, or has the hardness of Zirconia and translucency of leucite (Empress Esthetic) is the IPS e.max CAD.

Tough but translucent, e.max CAD can be full contour or layered with porcelain and can be either bonded or cemented. Zirconia (layered with e.max) is the answer to a high strength substitute for metal.
With all of these new materials allowing us in the dentistry profession to provide amazing results, comes a confusion that is mind boggling with too many choices.

e.max® Preparation Guide

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