Traditional Dentures

At Williams Dental Lab, we understand that not every client is interested in our Strickland FOY™ Dentures or New You Dentures, and we provide alternative options to choose from.

Our traditional dentures offer function, aesthetics, and fit as well as competitive pricing options. Traditional dentures from Williams Dental Lab share the same superior esthetic characteristics as all of our trade marked dentures. With the same exceptional quality you will be guaranteed exceptional results from our highly trained Williams Dental Lab team. Our team of denture specialists will work closely with you in planning the best treatment for your patients and your practice.

Williams Dental LabDr. Rick Coker
“I have worked with some great labs in my career, some great technicians who have helped me tremendously in my learning to deliver a higher quality of care to my patients, but Bob Clark, at Williams Dental Lab has raised the bar with not only the great quality of the work the lab provides, but the timeliness and total satisfaction they strive for, on every case! Seems like Bob or Frank will follow through with any issues we raise, and will make things flow smoothly and quickly, large case or small case, no matter! They consistently exceed my expectations with the quality of the care, and how much they care about our satisfaction!”
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