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Diagnostic Online Photo Sharing

DOPSWe are delighted to be introducing Diagnostic Online Photo Sharing (DOPS) to you. DOPS is a new way for dentists to take, store, and utilize digital images in their practices. Williams Dental Lab has signed on as a partner lab with DOPS because we believe DOPS will enhance your practice and improve our ability to exceed your expectations on cases.

DOPS is a new iOS app that transforms your iPhone into a HIPAA-secure camera, allowing you to take clinical images with your phone. DOPS collects these images, catalogues them by patient and date, and stores them on a cloud-based server, accessible from any device or computer. The images are never stored locally on the phone. It’s simple but powerful. The quality and resolution of iPhone camera images are two or three times better than even the most expensive intra-oral cameras, so your patients can see exactly what you want them to see.

Take a quality full arch image with an occlusal mirror, and simply hand the iPhone or iPad to your patient. What happens next? Patients automatically navigate the image, zooming in on anything and everything that looks concerning, ugly, or unhealthy. DOPS allows patients to interact with clinical images the same way they interact with the thousands of photos they view each day. This comfort level increases the trust these patients have with the images and your office, thus increasing case acceptance results.

You can share images you take with DOPS with any lab that is a partner with DOPS – like us at Williams Dental Lab. We can also communicate via a secure messaging system about particular cases.

Here are just some of the advantages of using DOPS:

  • See an increase in case acceptance
  • Take images in a way that is comfortable to patients
  • Never lose an image again
  • No more cords
  • No more wasting costly server space used by storing images
  • Share images with patients, so they can show their spouse or loved ones
  • No expensive equipment to buy
  • Everyone in your office can be a user – no more searching for or waiting on cameras

Download the DOPS App from the App Store to sign up for a free three-patient trial and check out dopsapp.com too. If there are any questions, please contact Neal Martin at neal@dopsapp.com.

App-Store-TransparentWilliams Dental Lab doesn’t have a stake in DOPS other than this: We firmly believe DOPS will increase case acceptance in your office, which will result in more cases coming to our lab.

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