Williams Dental Laboratory Diagnostic Wax-up System

OUR GOALS are zero temporary acrylic flash at cleanup and a proper 3-dimensional formation of what the patient’s desires are. This process should be carried out quickly and efficiently for minimal patient time and chair time. Our “LVIM Case Management System” has been employed in each step of the diagnostic wax-up fabrication enabling you to feel secure in knowing that everything has been done to the utmost precise standards. Your patients will be “WOW-ed.”

Diagnostic wax ups

“Facilitate not Debilitate” is our motto!  If a rush job is required than we will handle it. Our team is ready to handle the occasional need for a FAST return of a wax-up. After much feedback from some of the top Aesthetic dentists in the world, we were in a unique position to look at this from a clinical point of view and then tailored our system to match the clients’ needs, and it has worked successfully for years.

At no time should a patient be scheduled out past a comfortable time frame for prep of an elective procedure. There are many factors that lead a patient to say, “Yes,” to an elective dental procedure. It is our goal to capitalize on the patient’s willingness or desire to want their smile rejuvenated. We understand this is a very powerful decision.

There are several factors influencing decisions, such as:

Since most of the offices we work with specialize in Aesthetic dentistry, they have a different scheduling protocol and may have open time in their schedule to see a patient quickly (in a few days). Some factors that influence scheduling are the following:

    How We “Facilitate not Debilitate”

    Our lab was “built” on the fact that we will facilitate the patient’s needs.

    Our commitment to you is to never OVER PROMISE an aesthetic end result. We will give you a realistic, achievable final result in wax. We understand aesthetic dentistry to the extent that we know what can be done clinically with tooth position, axial inclination, gingival recontouring, gingival zenith changes, and space closure as well as root recontouring. The feedback we provide is critical to obtain a gorgeous end result. For this reason, we are always available to discuss what is necessary clinically to achieve the most stellar final result.

    Our Case Specific LVIM Communication slip will be returned with prep suggestions and the concerns we have with the case that you may not be aware of. In addition, you may also receive a phone call to discuss the case, to ensure total communication.

    What you will receive from us depending on case size:

    MaterialDiagnostic Wax Up
    Impression TechniqueTraditional or Digital
    IndicationsSingle unit crowns, multi-unit bridges or veneers, arch or full mouth
    Recommended UseFast temporization via “shrink wrap” technique (you receive reduction guides, temp matrices, bite management form, preset compass, bite stent
    PreparationAccurate bite registration, clean Digital scan, void-free impressions
    CementationNo cementation necessary
    Method of ManufactureWaxed by LVI Aesthetically trained technician
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