FOY Dentures®

If your patient is already wearing a denture and seeking a better solution, or a denture is in their near future, FOY Dentures® might be the right fit for them. Dr. Rod Strickland, (and client of Williams Lab),  developed this youth-enhancing denture system in collaboration with  Williams Dental Laboratory.  The FOY Denture®  is a function improving and patient pleasing denture technique that is reviving the lost art of denture making. Williams Dental Lab is a certified FOY Dentures® lab.

Our highly trained removable technicians have more than four decades of experience in denture and partial denture fabrication. We utilize injection techniques and feature Ivoclar teeth as well as Williams Naturalization technique on our FOY Dentures® bases.

The Williams naturalized custom denture base characterization yields a blend of tissue-colored acrylics to reproduce natural tissue, attached gingiva, papilla shades, and contours.  You will notice immediately with our custom denture process that we are committed to the function, fit and esthetics that will exceed your patient’s expectations.

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The result of the dreaded ‘sunken in’ look that identifies denture wearers is no more. Our certified FOY Dentures® are changing faces of denture wearers all over the world.
FOY Dentures
Williams Dental LabRod Strickland, DDS
Williams Dental Lab is all about delivering beautiful, predicable results each and every time.  Whether I'm creating a beautiful smile makeover with porcelain veneers or changing someone's life with FOY Dentures®, Williams delivers every time.  Fast turn-around times, quality services, and great customer service makes Williams Dental Lab stand head and shoulders above the rest.  Thank you Bob & team!

Screw Retained Denture

MaterialScrew Retained Denture
Impression TechniqueTraditional or Digital
IndicationsEdentulous patient
Recommended UseFull mouth
PreparationTransfer coping impression, or Digital scan of Williams Dental Scan bodies
CementationScrew retained, see Williams Torque recommendations
Turnaround Time7 or less lab days
Method of ManufactureIn House Fabrication by LVI trained technicians, FOY Denture Certified Lab Techs
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