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Gold & Porcelain Fused to Metal

Porcelain fused metal and high noble metal crowns

Williams Dental Lab has been producing traditional porcelain fused metal, high noble metal crown, and bridges for more than 30 years.  Our lab produces products and services far superior to that of other labs.  Williams Dental Lab is proud to offer exceptional quality that is delivered in expedient time.  Our porcelain fused to metal (PFM) and high noble metal provides reliability, aesthetics, marginal fit, and exceptional strength.  Our PFM crown and bridge uses biocompatible alloys and feldspathic porcelain systems for a pleasing aesthetic appearance. We accept traditional and digital impressions for all crown and bridge work.

What is exceptional about our PFM and high noble crown and bridgework at Williams Dental Lab?

We believe it’s because you are guaranteed to receive all of the individual support and personal service. We know that dental laboratories are plentiful these days, but when you develop a relationship with a lab that genuinely cares about your practice and understands the emotional investment that patients have in their dental care, it makes the difference between great and exceptional!

Williams Dental LabArthur “Tony” Tomaro, DDS
“Williams Dental Lab consistently creates a finished product that exceeds the expectations of both the dentist and the patient.”
Impression TechniqueTraditional or Digital
IndicationsSingle unit crowns, multi-unit bridges
Recommended UseBruxism patients, Clenchers
PreparationFeather edge, chamfer or shoulder
CementationConventional cementation
Turnaround Time5 or less lab days
Method of ManufactureInduction-cast & built by LVI trained technician

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