Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction (LVIM Protocol) developed as a collaborative effort between Bob Clark, CDT, LVIM and  Brad Durham DMD, LVIM

Williams Dental Lab has spent the last 30 years refining their business model and perfecting techniques,  systems,  and workflow,  to ensure that clients have their lab cases on-site faster than any lab in the country. Need a complex occlusion case solved? Williams Dental Lab takes great honor in being the first dental laboratory in the world to have a certified lab technician hold the honor of the elite LVIM status.  The mastership status ensures that aesthetics and function are properly married all throughout the case fabrication process. These stringent protocols provide our clients with predictable results every time. Williams Dental Lab has one of the top teams in the world for understanding and delivering precision, whether your case plan is based upon Pankey, Spears, Kois, Dawson or LVI Neuromuscular occlusal philosophies.

Full mouth reconstruction and full arch reconstruction requires the use of very specific lab protocols and techniques to create a highly aesthetic case, as well as the most accurate relationship between gums, bones, muscles, and teeth. Our team understands that the mouth is a complex machine and without a proper bite, chewing will become diminished and restorations become compromised.


Williams Dental Lab has been committed to providing dentists with all the essential tools, case planning assistance, and complete availability in full mouth and full arch reconstruction for your patients. Our superior lab technicians provide you with valuable case support from start to finish. When your lab case arrives, we will mount your patient’s models on our LVI Stratos 100 articulator and weld the pin into place. This will provide the most accurate translation of your lab case throughout the fabrication process.

If you are planning your patient’s case out with our team, we will mount the models on the LVI level table utilizing the hamular notches and incisive papilla and compare to the horizontal reference stick bite and photos you provide. Once we have these models sitting in front of us, we will work through the case planning process with you.

When Williams Dental Lab prepares a full arch or full mouth reconstruction case with you please expect to receive:

Comprehensive Reconstruction Rx Slip​

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