Implant Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures (fixed and removable)

The Williams Dental Lab removable team specializes in complex implant retained prosthetics. Our facility was designed so that we are all under one roof the implant, fixed and removable teams are all continuously collaborating about cases we are working. Our continuous education and being so closely involved with the developers and Instructors of both the Strickland Fountain of Youth Denture and The New You Denture (both Rod Strickland and Mike Reece are clients of Williams Lab) allows us the opportunity to guide you through these sometimes intimidating cases from the initial set up to the final. We carefully evaluate each case and all of the available implant retained denture options. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and versed in the various implant systems on the market.  Our modernized lab allows us to efficiently process your implant retained denture case from start to finish faster than any lab in the world.  We utilize our occlusal background to approach each case with the utmost respect to ensure neither function nor aesthetics is compromised.

We have strong working relationships with and can send 3D digital scan of your patient to:

Screw Retained Denture

MaterialScrew Retained Denture
Impression TechniqueTraditional or Digital
IndicationsEdentulous patient
Recommended UseFull mouth
PreparationTransfer coping impression, or Digital scan of Williams Dental Scan bodies
CementationScrew retained, see Williams Torque recommendations
Turnaround Time7 or less lab days
Method of ManufactureIn House Fabrication by LVI trained technicians, FOY Denture Certified Lab Techs

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