LVI Mastership

What is the LVI Mastership Distinction?

(And why is Bob Clark so proud to have maintained his LVIM since 2006)

Only 2 Technicians in the world, and a total of nineteen dentists rise beyond the prestigious status of being called an LVI Fellow and proudly have accepted status of “Mastership”.

What is the LVI Mastership distinction?
(And why would I want my lab technician to have this status?)

The LVI Mastership is a distinction awarded to elite doctors and technicians.  These dedicated men and women have traveled the entire journey in the field of aesthetic and neuromuscular dentistry at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. The first influential status of fellowship is awarded to those who have successfully completed the LVI Core Curriculum, which includes 278 continuing dental education hours of training in advanced aesthetics, neuromuscular science, and efficaciously completed a comprehensive examination.

Once the LVI Fellow status has been achieved, one must maintain the status with the yearly commitment to continuing their educational journey at LVI, as the field of neuromuscular dentistry is consistently evolving and moving forward. The LVIF status is distinguished status for many, but for those elite doctors and technicians that choose to separate themselves from the rest there is an additional level beyond the fellowship, which an individual is eligible to continue on the LVI journey and acquire the elite Mastership of Aesthetics and TMD Dentistry.

The LVIM distinction is awarded to those who have completed LVI Fellow qualifications and demonstrated proficiency following the acceptance of their clinical cases being scrutinized by an appointed committee within the institute. Each case must be proven to follow all guidelines and protocols acquired during extensive training received throughout the LVI journey. The LVIM awarded status validates a true understanding of comprehensive aesthetics and functional dentistry.

The intent of the LVIM is to reward and encourage the development of clinical enterprise and continued learning in the territory of Aesthetic Functional Reconstruction. LVI Mastership was established to provide a learning and authentication process where the applicant can determine if he or she has a sufficient understanding of the restorative and occlusal concepts taught at LVI. This distinction also recognizes doctors and technicians efforts to continue to learn, teach, and participate in the advancements of comprehensive dentistry.  As the number of LVI Fellows treating musculoskeletal dysfunction of the head and neck increases, LVI has recognized the need to implement an accreditation process to assess competency; ensure continuing education; and maintain a high standard of care among those treating their patients with comprehensive dentistry principles. To date there are 19 dentists and 2 Certified lab technicians who have achieved the elite status of Mastership.

LVI Mastership Bob Clark

By far the proudest moment of my entire laboratory career was in 2006 that I finally achieved “Mastership “ status!

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