LVI Neuromuscular Orthotics

Your neuromuscular orthotic will be fabricated and coronoplastied by a technician that has completed all of the Core 1-7 courses, and all of the Lab courses at LVI, as well as every IAPA meeting ever held. Overseeing the project is the first LVI Mastership recipient for technicians in the world, Bob Clark, CDT LVIM.

The teachings of Bill and Heidi Dickerson along with many of the world’s renowned masters in the neuromuscular field will be utilized in the fabrication of your fixed or removable Orthotic made by Williams Dental Laboratory. Our case-specific (LVIM) mastership protocol will be employed in total case management as well as bite management during the coronoplasty phase to ensure very minimal occlusal adjustments. The final coronoplasty is completed under a 20X microscope. A full understanding of where the mandible needs to go during the diagnostic phase of orthotic therapy is critical. Once your patients orthotic are seated, the mandible will have a cleared path allowing uninhibited forward mandibular progression.

We understand and appreciate the clinical time involved to take a proper TENS or MYObite. Your efforts will not be wasted, as we will use all of the neuromuscular training we have to ensure that your patient will be comfortable. Our highly trained Williams Dental Lab team is always available to assist in case planning as well as treatment support . Our experience-based recommendations have helped hundreds of neuromuscular dentists. If we see something that can be done on the clinical side to help enhance the patient’s experience or make the process more efficient, you will receive a call and further communication. We work with some of the most experienced neuromuscular clinicians worldwide. After making thousands of neuromuscular anatomic, semi anatomic, flat plane and Gerber “pull forward” orthotics we have encountered some very unique occlusal schemes and know how to handle even the most complicated orthotic designs. Our goal is total patient satisfaction through an “easy to wear and not over contoured or bulky design” which will result in a happy patient willing to accept further treatment, or with acceptance of further treatment. Our new “lingual-less” design is highly praised and widely desired!  Doing the high volume of neuromuscular orthotics that we do, we have learned that patients driven by pain need to receive their orthotic appliance quickly. We have dialed in our LVIM lab protocols to handle your orthotic fabrication as quick as a same day “in and out ” service. Williams Dental Lab provides this service as an added value for our clients at no additional fee. If you have an orthotic that needs to be expedited for your pain patient please email or call us today at 800-713.5390.


All models received are duplicated. The completed Orthotic and MYO or TENS bite registration is returned with original casts. A separate Calibrated LVI Stratos articulator will be used on every orthotic. Once the case is articulated, it does not leave that Stratos until fabrication is completed. We want to enhance the excitement your patients experience in neuromuscular dentistry.

Williams Dental Lab fabricates LVI fixed neuromuscular orthotics for dentist across the world in an expedient and precise manner. Our LVI fixed neuromuscular orthotics are made to the LVI mastership protocols, mounted on LVI Stratus articulators and each pin on the articulator is welded to ensure the accuracy when verifying your lab case under a 20x lab microscope. Our neuromuscular trained technicians have the privilege of case planning and fabricating magnificent restorations to LVI mastership protocols.

Our Custom Fixed Orthotic Design

Very thin for tongue space

Fully anatomical occlusion

Relined Siltec stint for easy seat and delivery

Cronoplastied by a PAT w Graduate and LVIM Technician

If you are in a rush for your LVI neuromuscular fixed orthotic, please contact Williams Dental Lab at (800) 713-5390 or email and we will expedite your case at no additional charge to you.

Williams Dental Lab here In Gilroy, California has hand selected the best composites to choice from when fabricating your neuromuscular lab processed composite orthotic. We use Cristobal, Premise, and Sinfony in this custom process. Our valued clients who have patients in long-term care select this type of orthotic, which provides a reliable, lower-cost option as well as providing an esthetic result during the treatment process. All of our processed composite restorations are carefully internally layered with shading, staining, dentin, enamel and incisal translucencies to blend in seamlessly with surrounding tooth structure. The physical properties are enhanced with additional heat. And vacuum treatment to increase wear and stain-resistance. We will provide ideal marginal fit, full polymerization, and lifelike esthetics, all under 20x microscopes.

We use these materials for both neuromuscular bondable-fixed orthotics and neuromuscular metal overlay orthotics. Please, contact Williams Dental Lab at 800.713.5390 or email if you need additional information or pricing on lab processed composite orthotics.

At Williams Dental Lab we offer many types of occlusal splint in various designs. We support all of the different dental disciplines and have trained certified dental technicians who understand these philosophies. We are highly respected by our clients in the field of neuromuscular dentistry. Our most popular removable appliance is the removable LVI neuromuscular orthotic. Our Williams Dental Lab TMJ appliances are fabricated with posterior cusp contact, 3mm of labial coverage and cuspid disclusion. Our neuromuscular trained technicians have the privilege of working with many dentists throughout the country, case planning and fabricating magnificent restorations to LVI mastership protocols.

Our Custom Design

Clear acrylic covers 2mm incisal edge

Anatomical occlusion and occlusal tooth form with precise occlusal contacts

Reinforcement with a lingual wire

No anterior guidance

All orthotics are created in Williams Dental Lab and mounted on LVI Stratus articulators. As with all our removable orthotics they are verified under a microscope, checked for quality control are returned on the master model. If you are in a rush for your removable LVI neuromuscular orthotic, please contact Williams Dental Lab at (800) 713-5390 or email and we will expedite your case at no additional charge to you.

Are you looking for a neuromuscular orthotic solution that is highly aesthetic, yet still removable? Do you have patients that need a long-term option, but absolutely are not financially ready to take the restorative step? Williams Dental Lab provides a neuromuscular, metal based orthotic with lab processed composite overlay. This metal based orthotic will satisfy the needs of the patient by providing a very aesthetic option that is comfortable and easy to clean. This option also satisfies the needs of our clients that are not comfortable moving their clients into a fixed orthotic option. At Williams Dental Lab, we have found that this durable option is most attractive to the patients who are restricted by finances or even in a holding pattern for implant healing.

If you are ready to place your patient in this aesthetic and removable option please include the following items in your lab case:

Our Custom Design

Completed Lab RX

Digital Photographs

Full Arch Master Impression

Opposing Arch Impression

Bite Management Form

TENS/Myo Bite Registration

If you are using digital impression scanner we are happy to accept your digital scans replace of traditional impressions and traditional bites.

Williams Dental Lab guarantees that the best materials are always selected for your cases. We use Cristobal, Premise, and Sinfony overlaying a metal base in this custom process. We use these same materials for all of our lab processed composite restorations. If you need more information on this process contact Williams Dental Lab at 800.713.5390 or email


Download Orthotic Rx Form

Download the Williams Dental Lab Orthotic Prescription Form

Anatomic Orthotic

MaterialAnatomic Orthotic
Impression TechniqueTraditional or Digital
IndicationsTMD & Imbalanced bite, Decompression
Recommended UseFull mouth
PreparationAccurate bite registration, Clean digital scan, void-free impressions
CementationNo cementation necessary
Method of ManufactureInjected acrylic, Bite coronoplastied by LVIM trained technician under 20x microscope
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