Custom Fit Partial Dentures

At Williams Dental Lab we offer an excellent range of options for designing a partial denture to fit your patients specific needs. Our team will be happy to assist you in digitally designing a custom removable partial with you so that you can provide the best fit for your patient’s personal requirements.

Williams Dental Lab offers the following solutions for partial dentures:

Resin Based Partials

Williams Dental Lab provides a flexible base resin that is best for partial dentures and unilateral restorations. The resin is a biocompatible nylon thermoplastic with distinctive physical and esthetic assets that provide unconstrained design, flexibility and removes the concern that you or your patients may have concerning acrylic allergies. A resin base partial denture has become the number one choice of patients over the past five years.

Benefits for Resin Based Partials

  • Esthetics appearance — pink shades that allow your patient’s natural tissue tone to appear through the material.
  • Patient Comfort — lightweight, thin and adaptable.
  • Strength — resilient, more resilient than acrylic.
  • Hygienic — resistant to stain and odors.

If you need assistance designing a custom resin based partial for your patient please contact us at 800.713.5390

Combination Partial Cases

Williams Dental Lab in Gilroy, California has been a full service facility since the doors opened over 30 years ago. This allows a very unique perspective and ability to do combination crown-partial-implant cases under one roof. We are proud to provide American made restorations that are not outsourced. Our combination case certified lab technicians are dedicated to making porcelain and removable appliances that are second to none.  Whether you send Williams Dental Lab a case you need a crown adapted to an existing partial, or a new case that we start from your preoperative models, we ensure everything you send us will meet and exceed all expectations for you, your team and your patient.

At Williams Dental Lab, servicing exceptional dentist around the world, we encourage you to take advantage of our free design service (we have done thousands of combination crown-and implant partial cases) We will design your combination case to maximize longevity and function, as well as comfort and esthetics. Our experienced team is equipped to offer a wide variety of attachments for partials, dentures, overdentures, implant hybrid combination cases  and can assist you in designing partials using attachments, conventional clasps, and buccal claspless and tooth colored acetyl resin-metal partial direct retainers.  For most attachments, interocclusal arch space of at least 5.5 mm is required.
If you need to speak to a highly trained certified lab technician to meet your expectations and plan a case out with you please call Williams Dental Lab  at 800.713. 5390 or email

Metal Based Partials

Williams Dental Lab, located in Gilroy, California will prove to be a world of difference when you are designing a cast metal partial for your next patient. We view designing cast partial dentures as an art form that does not require multiple steps for framework, wax try in’s and then on to case delivery. With our LVI trained dental lab technician’s readily available to assist you in the designing of your case we can achieve completion in a predictable and efficient manner.

Benefits for Cast Metal Base Partial Dentures
  • Adjustability
  • Functional and comfort for patients
  • Long-lasting prevents natural tooth shifts

Williams Dental Lab uses only the highest quality alloys combined with a design philosophy to deliver a lightweight, long-lasting selection that’s both functional and comfortable for your patient to wear. If you need assistance designing a custom resin based partial for your patient please contact us at 800.713.5390

Metal Based Partials

Here at Williams Dental lab all of our partial denture options are custom designed and fabricated in our Gilroy, California location to provide you with predictable and exceptional results. For more information, call Williams Dental Lab at 800.713.5390 or email

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