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Williams Dental LabMichael K. Reece, D.D.S., LVIM
“One of my business’ philosophies is to always work with people who are better at their job than I am.  Williams Dental Lab certainly qualifies. When I was doing cases for my LVIM, Williams Dental Lab was the only lab I considered. I love dealing with them because their answer is always ‘Yes, we can do that!’”
Williams Dental LabPrabu Raman, DDS, MICCMO, LVIM, FACD
Attention to details makes all the difference in successfully treating challenging TMD cases with advanced NMD protocols in my Kansas City TMD practice. I trust Bob Clark and his team to fabricate all of my NM full mouth reconstruction cases, NM orthotics and aesthetic cases because of his dedication to details and beautiful results. For my own mouth, as well as for FM reconstructions of my wife and family as well as for all my patients, I trust Bob Clark. That is the highest recommendation that I can give.
Williams Dental LabBrad Durham, DMD, LVIM, Georgia
“Williams Dental Laboratory has the perfect blend of predictability and the highest level of quality. My partnership with WDL has been one of the smartest choices of my career. My patients deserve the best. That’s why I use Williams Dental Lab exclusively.”
Williams Dental LabArturo R. Garcia D.M.D.
“I have used Williams Dental Lab for years and count on their superior talent, ability and customer service.  They listen and they deliver.  They are an indispensable part of my practice.  Bob Clark and his team understand what I need and want and deliver it.  If you want excellent, predictable and on time service for cosmetic, restorative, implant or NM dentistry you need a partner like Williams Lab.  You cannot put a value on their excellence and predictability. Whether it’s a simple or complicated case, they make a HUGE difference for me and can for you as well.  They make you happy and make your patients happy.”
Williams Dental LabEdmond Suh, DDS
“I consider Williams Dental Lab to be the best in the country, which is why my team and I use them exclusively.”
Williams Dental LabArthur “Tony” Tomaro, DDS
“Williams Dental Lab consistently creates a finished product that exceeds the expectations of both the dentist and the patient.”
Williams Dental LabDr. Kathleen S. Carson, DDS
Bob Clark & Williams Dental Lab have done my full mouth reconstruction cases and aesthetic cases for the past five years – they have far exceeded every other lab I’ve worked with in the past.  The work fits beautifully, they maintain the bite position, they understand function, and the aesthetics are amazing.  I wouldn’t consider working with anyone else – they consistently exceed my expectations, my patients expectations, and my teams expectations and truly care about the quality of service they provide.   They are an integral part of our team… and they consistently make ME look good!
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