The Dental Laboratory Partnership

Bill of Rights

Number 1 Lab Bill of Rights

TOTAL ACCESSIBILITY to your technician including voice, text, and email.

Number 1 Lab Bill of Rights

Exceptional services that are fully verifiable by you.
(aesthetics, occlusion, bite management, margins and contacts)

Number 3 Lab Bill of Rights

Quality and long-lasting services that are supported with fair fees.

Number 4 Lab Bill of Rights

Simple, easy,  and fun ways for you to provide extraordinary patient care.
(This is our promise from the Williams Dental Lab team.)

Number 5 Lab Bill of Rights

A full commitment to the relationship and your long term success.

Our Commitment to Client Relationships

If Williams Dental Lab had to pick one thing we do with stellar consistency, it would be our ability to make and maintain strong working relationships with our clients.  We have been in business for over 30 years and still have our first few clients.  This is done through very hard work and our ability to appreciate and understand what, YOU, our worldwide clients go through daily.

We put ourselves in your position and understand how difficult it is to have happy referring patients.  Many facets of what you do daily have  profound effects on your patient’s satisfaction.  Clinically, internal and external marketing, continuing education, and the money spent on learning and promoting your practice can all be wasted if your laboratory is not performing consistently at a level that surpasses the ordinary.  As you know, there are no dress rehearsals and you get one chance to impress a patient.  Our goal is to be incredible every time and to make you, and your team, look wonderful to your patients.

We are always available for consulting and helpful advice.

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