Complex Reconstruction

Our full service dental lab has been building complex dental reconstruction cases for over 30 years. This allows a very unique perspective and ability to combine crown, bridge,  and partial implant cases with various materials and substructures with any occlusal philosophy all under one roof. Williams Dental Lab emphasis on function and aesthetic smile design creates a balanced and exquisite result for every client, guaranteed. From case set up to case finishing your complex reconstruction case will travel through our dental lab on the exact same Stratus articulator. To ensure accuracy throughout the fabrication process,  we weld the articulator pin in place. Our LVIM certified lab technicians are dedicated to combining the most complex techniques and materials that create the desired outcome your patient deserves in the timeliest fashion possible. We believe that using the highest quality FDA-approved materials as well as state of the art technology results in superior restorations for you and your patients. Whether you send Williams Dental Lab a case you need a crown adapted to an existing partial, or a new case that we start from your pre-operative models, we ensure everything you send us will meet and exceed all expectations for you, your team, and your patient.

We encourage you to take advantage of our free design service. (we have done thousands of combination crown-and implant partial cases) We will aid in the design your complex reconstruction case to maximize longevity and function, as well as comfort and esthetics.
For case planning please send:

Complex Reconstruction Case Planning

Once your case has been received and mounted, we will partner with you to create the best solutions for your complex reconstruction. We will look at all lasting options available.  Bridges, single crowns, veneers, implants, and partials can all be combined on any given case as well as material selected for the most aesthetic and functional result available. We are proud to provide American made restorations that are not outsourced to other countries or dental labs.  To get started with your complex reconstruction or plan out a case with our team, please call Williams Dental Lab  at 800.713. 5390 or email

Williams Dental LabMichael K. Reece, D.D.S., LVIM
“One of my business’ philosophies is to always work with people who are better at their job than I am.  Williams Dental Lab certainly qualifies. When I was doing cases for my LVIM, Williams Dental Lab was the only lab I considered. I love dealing with them because their answer is always ‘Yes, we can do that!’”
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