Since 1978 Williams Dental Lab has completed over 200,000 implant restorations. We specializes in digital implant dentistry and offers a large range of traditional and modern crown & bridge implant services. Whether digitally scanned implant cases, traditional impressions cement retained or screw retained restorations, we are here to support you in your dental implant case success. All of our dental implant restorations are completed by our LVIM trained technicians,verified under a 20x microscope and quality checked through our “No Adjustment” process. The technical support from Williams Dental Lab has been proven to be invaluable when case planning your complex implant restorations. We focus on function and aesthetics to ensure the best possible results for your patients. We are happy to support 31 different scan bodies and every major implant manufacture.

5 day Turnaround

Most cases completed in a 5-Day Turnaround. Single units with custom abutments done in 2 days (in lab) at no additional charge. Just send us your fixture level impression or digital scan of scan bodies (ask us about which scan bodies to use) , along with a photocopy of your surgical report and let us handle the rest. Five days later (often faster) you will receive back the final crown, custom abutment and final screw, all for one simple, easy to understand lab fee.

Digital Implant Solutions

If you have an intraoral scanner of any type, Itero, NEVO E4D, Cerec, 3M tru Def, Carestream, 3shape TRIOS, we can help you digitally transfer implant files to us Bob and discuss scan bodies and protocols.

Implant Final Restorations



3D Printed Model with Metal Analog

3M™ True Definition Scanner
3shape TRIOS
Carestream Dental
CEREC by Sirona
iTero Intra Oral Digital Scanner

3-Year Warranty


EASY to understand laboratory fees

We hear this is a HUGE problem in implant dentistry……so we quite simply solved the problem.

Are you tired of guessing how much your lab bill will be?

Our goal is to make this as easy as prepping a tooth and seating a crown. The thought of …”am I even going to make money when this is all over?”. Let us handle it! We have been doing this for 35 years, It’s not that difficult.

Simple Choice of Abutment Types

Our preference, in most cases, is to fabricate a CAD CAM anatomic custom abutment either in Titanium or a Ti-Zirconium hybrid custom abutment because we have complete control over Emergence profile, margin height and margin design, as well as angulation and amount of retention. This allows you to deliver an abutment and crown in perfect harmony with the soft-tissue architecture. In some cases we may ask that you release the tissue a bit so we can give a natural emergence profile that blends in perfect harmony with adjacent teeth. ALL Ti parts will be anodized at no charge in either gold or pink gingival shades (your choice). Whether you prefer a stock abutment, CAD CAM milled abutment, a Ti-Zirconium hybrid abutment or a custom UCLA castable abutment, Williams Dental Laboratory solves your dental implant requirements.

4 different options for Williams CAD CAM abutments (see video)

  • Full Zirconium
  • Ti base Zirconium (our most popular)
  • Titanium
  • Titanium, Gold nitride coated

4 different Emergence profile options (see video)

  • No tissue displacement (smallest diameter non anatomical)
  • Supports tissue, (anatomically shaped and up to .2mm wider than healed sulcus
  • Contour tissue (medium diameter anatomically shaped) 1mm larger than healed sulcus
  • Fully anatomic (largest diameter abutment we provide with best possible emergence profile) (may require surgical release)

We have strong working relationships with and can send 3D digital scan of your patient to:

ATLANTIS abutments
Biomet BellaTek® Encode®
Nobel Biocare
Straumann® CARES® Abutments

Custom CAD/CAM Abutments by Williams Dental Lab