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Getting Started with Williams Dental Lab

We would like to be the first to welcome you to Williams Dental Lab.  We look forward to creating a lasting partnership with you and your team. One of our top priorities is to provide products and services that will exceed your expectations. Williams Dental lab would like to redefine your ideas of the doctor/lab relationship by offering convenient methods of communication via telephone, email, video, and text messaging. Getting started with us is a smooth and seamless process. Check out our resources below and see just how easy submitting your cases to us will be. Should you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to connect with us directly at 800.713.5390 or through email

We welcome you in experiencing the difference with Williams Dental Lab!

Williams Dental Lab Gilroy CAPacking and Shipping Your Case

For your convenience, we welcome your digitally scanned case files, and traditional impressions. When shipping your impressions, we recommend you tightly package each model, impression, and bite registration to ensure that it is not damaged during the shipping process. We recommend using foam, bubble wrap, or fluoride foam trays around the models We also recommend using foam at the bottom and top of the box to further protect your hard work from accidental breakage.

When completing your lab prescription, please remember to fill it out in its entirety, including requested date of return.  If you are sending multiple cases in one box, please take a moment to attach the lab prescription to the case in which it belongs to ensure clarity of your cases.  You may download a prescription form from our website or complete our contact form and we will send a new client welcome packet to you.

Recommended Case Information

Digital Images

At Williams Dental Lab, we have developed systems for success in order to provide you with exceptional lab work.  Each case is hand crafted by LVI trained technicians who follow the LVI mastership protocols. Our LVI trained technicians will treat your case with the same attention and devotion you give your patients.  Like a snowflake, no two dental lab cases are the same. Please remember to use the case checklist on each prescription to ensure predictability and ease of use.

The ability to more accurately match a patient’s shade is improving as technology continues to advance.  Digital images are the strongest communication tools in providing you the highest quality and most accurate shade in dental restorations.  Our digital photography guide can be downloaded from our website, which we recommend being used as a guide to your practice for capturing digital images that you can send to us with your cases.  Below, you will find a guide showing the most desired type of images for us to use at the lab.

Photography Guide

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