Digital Photography

Digital photography is as important to the predictably of dentistry as a proper bite is to success of functional dentistry. Digital photography is critical in three key areas of restorative dentistry: diagnostically, lab communication, and marketing.


It is paramount to evaluate the esthetic and functional problems as part of the consult process in the dental practice.  This is done in order to provide the patient with dental options to consider for their personalized care. A good camera and clear digital photographs on a case can be the difference in acceptable and exceptional case results.

As the treatment plan comes together for the patient, it is important to have photographs that allow you the ability to share your images with the following:

The Patient– Most clinicians want their patients to have a copy of their dental photos and treatment plan. This allows them to share their needs and wants with important people that are involved in the decision-making processes. It’s an excellent educational tool that you already have at your fingertips.

The Specialist- Any specialists that are being collaborated with will need to have access to those images as well, especially during case planning.

The Dental Lab and Technician- In order to collaborate on case planning, it is advised that Williams Dental Lab be provided with a set of digital photographs prior to the start of any conversations. We want the best possible results that can be achieved, through a multidisciplinary approach, on every case. Digital photographs allow the diagnostic process to be shared, saving time and money, and without compromising results.

Download Our Case Planning Checklist

Williams Dental Case Planning Checklist Download

Lab Communication

Digital photographs provide us the information that we need as if we were sitting in the chair next to you. Even for patient’s that come to the lab for shading, we rely on digital photography for our records. We do suggest that case photos be emailed to with the patients first initial, last name and your office information attached.


Williams Dental Lab understands the importance of marketing your practice.  No opportunity should be lost when it comes to this aspect. Getting in the habit of taking excellent before and after photos will help your practice grow to meet your vision. This will also, ensure that you will automatically have photos for the patient and lab communication.

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