coronavirus announcement

COVID-19 Announcement

On behalf of the team at Williams Dental Laboratory….all of us have been closely watching the news and the evolving events over the past month and a half regarding the COVID-19 strain.

We understand that as business owners yourselves, you may be facing specific challenges during this outbreak. You know us…you know we are fully committed to your success…we are here for you and to do whatever you need during this trying time.

Williams Dental Laboratory is proud of our stringent universal precautions that help protect every patient and our wonderful team members from the many infectious diseases that we are potentially exposed to daily by receiving impressions from all over the world.

We will be operating our laboratory with business as usual with a few exceptions listed below:

We are impressed and inspired by the worldwide first providers, nurses, doctors, and by the many companies that have instilled different disinfection, sterilization, and safety protocols to help stop the spread of the infection. However, every health care facility is held to a totally different standard. As a dental laboratory, we follow all standard precautions as regulated by OSHA and have annual safety training and strict following of protocols for our entire team.

With that said… we are raising the standard beyond our typical protocol during the upcoming time period. We are disinfecting all doorknobs and many areas of the laboratory every hour.

Anyone that knows us is aware we are all about hugs, shaking hands, fist bumps and in general, caring a lot about those around us and those we are blessed to work with…..for now we are relegated to only “thumbs up,” as well as maintain social distances as much as possible.

We are also asking all vendors, salespeople, UPS, Fed Ex, and our own team, if you have a cough, fever or are experiencing chills, please respect us, the patients and clients we serve by not coming into the lab.

By implementing these higher standards, we will aid in the health and safety of you, your patients, and your team, as well as our entire team.

We are truly blessed and honored to be your chosen laboratory. If you are reading this, you know how much we care about you.

My goal in writing this is to clarify how we are addressing and handling this newfound health concern for all of us.

We hope this all passes quickly without any more negative impact on anyone in our city, state, country, or globally.

With way more love than you can imagine….   There is light at the end of this tunnel.


Bob Clark and The Williams Dental Laboratory team

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