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As a dentist, you strive to get your patients the best dentures available in a timely manner. Fortunately, using New You Dentures makes it possible for you to ensure your patients are satisfied with their neuromuscular dentures. So if you have patients who are looking into getting dentures in the future, or are unhappy with the ones they currently have, it’s time to look into this new, improved alternative to traditional dentures. You will also need a dental lab that is able to make this product so you can confidently offer it to your patients.

The concept of New You Dentures takes into account the fact that the jaw bone shrinks when you lose teeth, resulting in a sunken in appearance of the mouth. This tends to make people look older, even after they get dentures to replace the lost teeth. But New You Dentures use each patient’s jawbone in such a way that the mouth no longer looks sunken in, allowing for a younger look that patients appreciate.

In order to create the New You Dentures, the talented Dr. Michael Reece a client of ours and instructor at LVI collaborated with Williams Dental Laboratory in this creating this advanced technique. In fact, this dental lab is now certified in these neuromuscular dentures, so you can rest assured that its technicians are properly trained and have more than 40 years of experience. These technicians work quickly to create dentures that fit each patient properly, making sure that they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

If you are on a mission to connect your patients with neuromuscular dentures as quickly as possible, Williams Dental Lab is here to help. We understand the desire for patients to see fast results, especially when they are excited to improve the fit and appearance of their current dentures. Of course, our technicians are experienced enough that they don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed when making neuromuscular dentures for patients. They will keep you updated on where they are in the process, in turn allowing you to keep your patients informed every step of the way.

If you are in search of an alternative to traditional dentures for your patients – and you need a dental lab that can handle your request – please contact Williams Dental Lab today.

Williams Dental LabMichael K. Reece, D.D.S., LVIM
“One of my business’ philosophies is to always work with people who are better at their job than I am.  Williams Dental Lab certainly qualifies. When I was doing cases for my LVIM, Williams Dental Lab was the only lab I considered. I love dealing with them because their answer is always ‘Yes, we can do that!’”
New You Dentures Certified Lab
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