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How Does Williams Dental Lab Protect Our Images?

How Does Williams Dental Lab Protect The Images We Share?

Some people have contacted me out of concern for the safety of the images they have graciously shared with us for the website.  I wanted to take a moment to address those concerns and let you know how we handle image security on williamsdentallab.com.

As a dentist, posting images of your patients online can make a big statement. When you provide services that show noticeable changes in patient appearance, it’s important to be able to depict what your treatments and practices can do, both to attract new patients and keep old ones coming back. In order to build consumer confidence, it’s vital that you can show prospective patients what sets you apart from the rest.

Unfortunately, in the age of the internet, few things remain safe. Many doctors are now reporting seeing their images on other websites, compromising the integrity of their own practices as well as promoting false advertising by the doctors in possession of these stolen images. In addition, patients may consent to their images appearing online where their dentist desires, but likely did not give practices around the world permission to do the same, creating unhappy patients and uncomfortable doctors.

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Protect Your Patients

So, what can you do to protect your patients? Remove before and after photos? Warn your patients ahead of time that their pictures may be shared on sites without their consent? Cost yourself business by not being able to demonstrate what your practice can do?

Luckily, there’s a better solution. Instead of leaving your patients vulnerable and compromising the integrity of your medical procedures protect your images with Digimarc for images.  As a Williams Dental Lab dentist, any images that you provide for website or marketing use will be protected with Digimarc for Images. Never wonder about where your photos are going online; with Digimarc, now you’ll always know!

Protect Your Pictures

All images used on the Williams Dental Lab website have been embedded with Digimarc personal ID numbers into order to easily manage if and where they ever end up on the internet. Instead of wondering who might be using pictures of your patients for personal gain, your images are monitored 24/7 to ensure security and safety. Our webmaster has an automated monitoring dashboard to ensure everything is as it should be.

Imperceptible and easy, these tags can ensure you always know when someone has stolen your images without permission. With an intuitive interface and comprehensive tracking methods, it only takes a few seconds to ensure your pictures are in good hands.

No one likes finding out their property has been taken. Instead of risking the privacy of both your patients and your practice, do what’s right and get the protection you need. Williams Dental Lab has 30 years of relationships with clients that we take seriously, and with help from Digimarc, you can always be sure that your before and after images shared with our lab to display at www.williamsdentallab.com are protected.  If you have any questions about this then just ask and I will get you in touch with the people with the answers!  (Because if you know me at all you know that isn’t me!)

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