Williams Dental Lab, located in Gilroy, California provides a flexible base resin that is best for partial dentures and unilateral restorations. The resin is a bio-compatible nylon thermoplastic with distinctive physical and esthetic assets that provide unconstrained design, flexibility and removes the concern that you or your patients may have regarding acrylic allergies. A resin base partial denture has become the number one choice for patients who wear partial dentures over the past five years.

Benefits for Resin Based Partials

  • Esthetics appearance — pink shades that allow your patient’s natural tissue tone to appear through the material
  • Patient Comfort — lightweight, thin and adaptable.
  • Strength — resilient, more resilient than acrylic.
  • Hygienic — resistant to stain and odors.

Disadvantages of Resin Based Partials

  • Increased risk of Carries
  • Gingivitis, periodontal disease
  • Alveolar bone reduction, tooth migration
  • Gag reflex
If you are sending Williams Dental Lab a case for fabrication, please include the following items in your lab case:
  • Completed lab prescription (Download Here)
  • Digital photos
  • Master impression
  • Opposing impression
  • CO Bite
  • Digital impressions scans, digital bite scans, and emailed photos/prescription are happily accepted!

Need Assistance

If you need assistance designing a custom resin based partial for your patient, please contact us at 800.713.5390 or email bob@williamsdentallab.com