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Williams Dental Lab Produces Porcelain Veneers for Bristol Palin

bristol palinCosmetic dentists who work at the forefront of their field should be happy to show off examples of their success stories. To see examples of some of the restorations made at Williams Dental Lab, look no further than the nearest celebrity magazine, or, do a quick Google search for recent photos of Bristol Palin. Williams Dental Lab proudly had the opportunity to produce veneers for Ms. Palin as part of a smile makeover she received.

Dr. Bret Davis at Smile Texas in Houston, which is one of our fine partner dental practices that has trusted Williams Dental Lab to fabricate their restorations, completed her smile makeover.

Palin, who also received crown lengthening and a gum lift, in addition to custom porcelain veneers, as part of her smile makeover, was thrilled with her results, as she detailed in a post on her popular Instagram account:

“I have been tremendously self-conscious of my smaller teeth for YEARS. I wanted my smile to match how I genuinely feel on the inside. I am so thankful I was able to take the time to invest in myself—truly pour into my own cup—and do this!! It was the easiest experience of my life. I felt zero –not even an ounce of discomfort—no down time, and the best part of this all—it only took TWO APPOINTMENTS!!”

As Bristol Palin wrote, it only took her two appointments with her cosmetic dentist to attain the smile she had wanted her entire life. It is our advanced technology that allows a custom smile makeover to be completed in this short amount of time without any shortcuts! Dentists who work in partnership with our laboratory take images of the patient’s teeth and bite, and then send those files to our facility in Gilroy, where we fabricate veneers out of the finest dental porcelain available.

Advances in technology now make it possible for these impressions to be taken digitally, although we also accept traditional impressions as well. From there, our expert technicians at Williams Dental Lab fabricate restorations of the highest quality possible.

Next-generation dentistry is within your reach

The dental industry evolves at a rapid rate. Keep pace by working with a state-of-the-art laboratory like Williams Dental Lab. Our facility is equipped to produce any restorations you may need, making sure the results will be beautiful, functional, and consistent in quality. Looking to produce your own restorations in-house? We can help with that, too, through the revolutionary CAD/CAM technology. These tools, which use 3D printing, make it easier than ever to offer same-day restorations to your patients, as their dental work literally is made chairside as they wait. Williams Dental Lab works closely with you as to create the smile design and treatment plan that best suits your patient’s desires. Upon receiving your case (whether by digital scans or traditional PVS impressions) we will fabricate gorgeous, custom restorations. 

Enjoy the benefits of beautiful restorations that receive the seal of approval, even from celebrities! To learn more about our fantastic services, please contact Williams Dental Lab of Gilroy, California by calling (408) 842-6269, or e-mail us at Bob@williamsdentallab.com.

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