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How To Get Great Intraoral Scans

Digital Scanning Tips

As we journey through the world of digital scanning here at Williams Dental Lab, we are finding that more and more doctors are experiencing anxiety and stress through the transition from traditional impression taking to digital impression taking. I decided to collaborate with one of my clients and valued doctors in the industry that has converted to digital impression taking within the last six months and see what advice she could pass along to aid in the transition for practices that are sitting on the fence with this step or even struggling with the transition.

Dr. Kathleen Carson’s Top Scanning Tips:

# 1- TEAM TRAINING: Train your team and remove the SAFETY NET of traditional impression material. You cannot be successful if you sit on the fence. (That is how equipment collects dust in the corner of offices)

#2 PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE: there is a minimal learning curve on digital impression taking. However, if you do not practice using it and you wait to practice on your patients when they are in for dentistry. It is stressful, and you create unnecessary frustration.  Have your team practice on each other – it is also fun team bonding!

#3 COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR LAB: It does not matter what lab you use but communicate with them if you do not have a milling unit in your office. You want all of their knowledge, tips, pearls and training. Bob has provided my team with crazy support, and they have the absolute utmost respect for him and everyone at his lab. They have turned my team into “All Star” lab communicators. (Thanks, guys)

#4 USE IT ON EVERYTHING:  We use our scanner on implants, orthotics, wax-ups, single units, quads. You name it we use it!

#5 CREATE VALUE FOR IT WITH YOUR PATIENTS: my ladies share with our patients that this is something that will provide us with efficiency, provides comfort for them since there are no cumbersome impressions…We have the ability to be more expedient with our care now and not reduce our standards of care!

#6 COST SAVINGS: we save on shipping, supplies, remakes, etc.

Dr. Carson from Westlake Dental Arts has broken it down for us. She jumped right in and embraced the digital scanners after years of research and hesitancy. She will be the first to admit that her lab communication was in sync and she was hesitant to rock the boat. After much consideration and seeing that this was the future of dentistry she took the plunge. Kathleen is an avid scanner as well as her team. The competitive team nature of her all-star practice keeps everyone on their toes and at their peak performance.

For additional questions about digital scanning you are welcome to reach out to bob@williamsdentallab.com

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