Is CeraSmile® Worth the Price Tag?

As a dentist practicing at the forefront of their field, you know that technology is changing and evolving rapidly. One of the latest advances in dental technology is CeraSmile® a revolutionary new tooth-replacement system that consists of an implant bridge made entirely of an advanced ceramic called yttria-stabilized zirconia. Because of these extremely high-quality materials, CeraSmile® is expensive for practitioners as well as patients. In this article, Williams Dental Lab wants to explain why this tooth-replacement system is worth the financial cost.

CeraSmile® is an investment


For patients living with significant tooth loss or bad teeth, or for denture wearers seeking an upgrade, CeraSmile can be an excellent option. Choosing CeraSmile® is an investment. For patients, picking this treatment method means you’re investing in restoring your smile and your way of life. For dentists like you, offering CeraSmile® to your patients means you’re committing to providing advanced treatments at the forefront of dental science.

Why do patients choose CeraSmile®?

Many people don’t think twice about dropping tens of thousands of dollars on a new car that won’t even last a decade. But, spending thousands on a new smile is well worth the investment because it will last a lifetime.

Here are reasons why patients choose CeraSmile®

Customization – CeraSmile® can be tailored to the patient’s own unique wants and needs, whether they want to recapture the smile they had in their youth or transform their appearance. This customization also means you can adjust CeraSmile® to make a precise fit in each patient’s jaw—unlike other tooth replacement treatments, which reshape the jaw and may even require removing a portion of the natural bone structure.

Quality – CeraSmile® is made with only the finest medical-grade ceramic and titanium, producing beautiful and durable results that could last the rest of your life.

Support – Anchored by dental implants, CeraSmile® means that your implant bridge will feel natural, restore your chewing ability, and confidence. You also don’t have to worry about CeraSmile® slipping or shifting, as dentures have been known to do. The final product provides the most natural-looking set of replacement teeth available in dentistry.

Rejuvenation – Bone loss is an inevitable consequence of living with tooth loss long term. Still, since CeraSmile® is anchored by dental implants, these implants stimulate the jawbone, preventing loss of bone mass. This also helps your face look fuller and younger, reducing the prominence of wrinkles, skin folds, and loose skin.

Producing CeraSmile® Technology

CeraSmile® allows you to restore your patients’ smiles without any of the issues and complaints that come from traditional implants, dentures, or dental bridges. Remember, you have to be a licensed CeraSmile® provider to work with this method of treatment. Dentists who receive this distinction have the skills and experience needed to provide this to their patients. By offering CeraSmile®, you’re showing that you’re making an investment in your practice and a commitment to your patients and their improved oral health.

Williams Dental Lab can be your partner in this endeavor. To learn more about our fantastic services, please contact Williams Dental Lab of Gilroy, California by calling (408) 842-6269, or e-mail us at Check out these before and after photos to see why offering CeraSmile® is the right choice for your practice!

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