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Williams Dental LabDr. Rick Coker
“I have worked with some great labs in my career, some great technicians who have helped me tremendously in my learning to deliver a higher quality of care to my patients, but Bob Clark, at Williams Dental Lab has raised the bar with not only the great quality of the work the lab provides, but the timeliness and total satisfaction they strive for, on every case! Seems like Bob or Frank will follow through with any issues we raise, and will make things flow smoothly and quickly, large case or small case, no matter! They consistently exceed my expectations with the quality of the care, and how much they care about our satisfaction!”
Williams Dental LabDr. Curtis Westersund
“Williams Dental Lab has made it possible for me to live this amazing life by making sure I have the happiest patients on the planet.”
Williams Dental LabDaniel  D  Daniel, DDS,  Canada
“I was first introduced to Bob Clark and Williams labs in the summer of 2008.  My colleague, Dr. David Babin, on the west coast of Canada, had a client that relocated to the east coast (where my practice is), who needed restorative work done – specifically, 2 crowns on the lower left.  He referred the client to me, and recommended I use Bob, because he had done the other work in his client’s mouth.  I went ahead and sent Bob the 2 crowns, and when I got them back, I was impressed – margins were ideal, crowns were undetectable from the adjacent teeth, and – most importantly – the occlusion was perfect.  I mean perfect – no adjustments whatsoever.  Needless to say, I began dialogue with Bob – it was difficult, as I had a lab I’ve been with for 10 years, and was extremely loyal to.  They did excellent work, and we were friends as well, except I had never seen occlusion like that before.  It took a while, and I eventually sent Williams 2 upper arches (for 2 full mouth rehabilitations, carp style).  After prep, I was impressed when I made the full upper temps against the lower orthotic and the occlusion was great.  The real surprise came after seating the upper arch, and lower orthotic – this time I was in disbelief – perfect occlusion!  And that was it.  I’ve been working with Bob ever since, and have sent him countless makeovers.  His service, attention to detail, ability to deliver quality work on rush cases, and overall commitment to excellence has made me a Williams client for life.  There is no one else on the planet I would send my cosmetic and neuromuscular cases to.  Their work gives me confidence that I can consistently deliver the best, making my clients look and feel amazing, which keeps me at the top of my game.”
Williams Dental LabDavid E. Schmidt, D.D.S.
Williams Dental Lab has been an intricate part of my team for over a decade. During this time Bob and his team have consistently delivered exquisite results that need little to no adjustments.  Williams Dental Lab tailors their communication style to fit each client’s needs. This alone creates a level of trust and collaboration that is necessary for case success. I always feel that I am their #1 client even when there are hundreds of clients who probably feel the same way I do! Williams Dental Lab is on the cutting edge of technology with their scanning and 3D printing abilities.  It has been professionally satisfying to work with Bob and his team while the road is being paved by digital printing. I have been blessed and challenged  to have a lab that works as hard as I do! Williams Dental Lab has made a “World of Difference” in my practice.
Williams Dental LabRaul Garcia, D.M.D.
“Williams Dental Lab is a class act. If you are looking for excellent esthetics, quality and customer service this is the lab for you.  Bob and Frank are your partners in ensuring your success.  They are excellent for the experienced doctor and also have the patience to help the doctor that is developing and expanding.  I personally feel that they are partnered with me on my journey as I grow my practice and they along with excellent continuing education are the secret to the growth we are experiencing in our practice.  Thanks Bob and Frank!!”
Williams Dental LabRod Strickland, DDS
Williams Dental Lab is all about delivering beautiful, predicable results each and every time.  Whether I’m creating a beautiful smile makeover with porcelain veneers or changing someone’s life with FOY Dentures®, Williams delivers every time.  Fast turn-around times, quality services, and great customer service makes Williams Dental Lab stand head and shoulders above the rest.  Thank you Bob & team!
Williams Dental LabDr. Scott Young
“I have had the pleasure of working with Bob Clark and his team at Williams Dental Lab for several years.  His dedication to providing the highest quality and service is exemplified by his attention to detail, quick turnarounds and excellent communication.  In addition, Bob’s Mastership from The Las Vegas Institute and commitment to continuing education gives me great confidence in his dealing with the difficult and complex cases that we restore daily.  His ability to ALWAYS make himself available to you when the need arises to discuss a case during the day is appreciated greatly as it allows for great communication between the doctor and laboratory.  I give Bob and Williams Dental Lab my highest recommendation and use their lab exclusively for the needs of my patients. “
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