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Williams Dental LabJerry Lim, B.D.S. FRACDS
“I have never felt so reassured in my lab partner even though you are halfway around the world. You have been very calm in handling the unexpected.”
Williams Dental LabTara Hardin, DDS
http:// www.hardindental.com
“Finally, I have found a lab that consistently provides me with beautiful restorations with an impeccable fit.  Williams Dental Lab is in a league above the rest.  I began using Williams after some difficulties with another high profile lab.  After using Williams, what I once thought was great was average.  Now, I am exclusively using Williams and placing Exceptional restorations.”
Williams Dental Lab Stephen E. Burch, DDS, LVIM, DICOI
http:// www.3ddentalsolutions.com
“When other people ask me about Williams Dental Laboratory, my first thoughts are precision engineering, aesthetics personified, excellent communication and service by the whole team”
Williams Dental LabDr. Trey Carlton, III
Williams Dental Lab is the  most efficient  lab we have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Their communication skills are second to none, and their Team is absolutely amazing at what they do!  We are so lucky to be a part of Williams Dental Lab.  My team and I are always amazed with the aesthetics and quality shown in  everything they do.
Williams Dental LabDr. Kevin Winters
I have worked with Williams Lab and Bob Clark for many years now.  Its as if they have become an extension of my dental family.  The personalized attention to detail is unparalleled.  It seems like I am Williams’ only client.  They are always available to answer questions and never afraid to contact me when I have forgotten something or not done it right.  So many labs are afraid of pointing out a mistake over fear of losing the client.  Williams doesn’t want to take the chance of doing work less than perfect, and it shows.  How many times have I seated a full mouth case and never touched a contact or the occlusion?  Incredible.  Many labs can’t send back a single crown with that success.  Williams Rocks!!

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