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Williams Dental LabDr. David Babin
“The team players at Williams Dental Lab are great listeners and communicators.  Each case is individualized; this attention to detail results in excellent restorations that often exceed expectations.  Since working with Bob and the team our results are MUCH more predictable, the aesthetics fantastic and re-dos significantly reduced. The team at Williams is always willing to do whatever it takes to get a case done right.  Bob works with top notch clinicians from various countries around the globe, and his level of knowledge and sophistication for clinical application has been a tremendous asset. “
Williams Dental LabThomas K. Hedge, DDS
Kathy Frazar, DDS
“Kathy and I have been in practice for 25 years. We have been through every educational institution out there from Pankey to Dawson to LVI. We have developed very successful practices that do the gamut from general dentistry, to TMJ treatment, to full mouth reconstruction. We have worked with many labs over the years and none compare to Williams Lab with Bob Clark and his incredible team. Predictability and consistency has always been a labs downfall and this team is totally all of that. Whether it is a single crown seat or 28 units, there are generally NO adjustments to occlusion or contacts. Think about 28 units seated with no effort. That is why we can seat our cases with no stress and predictability. Not only do they do beautiful porcelain, but their removable work is awesome as well. Customer service is amazing. The answer is always “yes” to whatever we need. The team is reachable almost 24/7 by phone, text, or e mail. It doesn’t get any better that Williams!”
Williams Dental LabDr. Karstan Lachman
Any dentist in the constant pursuit for dental excellence should find their way to this unique group of dental artists.  I place a high level of personal pride in the restorations I deliver to our patients.  Williams Dental Lab is no different.  To their credit, Bob Clark and the entire Williams team have taken the time to learn and master my particular requirements for ceramic beauty and technical excellence.  Their diligent implementation, meticulous follow through, and comprehensive case management makes our results easy to obtain and routine.  With all due respect, no other lab has even come close to matching this team of professionals.  I know of no other laboratory with the devotion and skill of Williams Dental Team.  I trust their insightful and artistic input towards my cases implicitly.  I appreciate and respect their attention to detail.  I value how they continually advance results.  Their collaboration and knowledge is invaluable towards advancing my own professional achievements.
Williams Dental LabDr. Brett Taylor
“I’ve been using Williams Dental Lab for almost 10 years. Why would I bother sending work from Sydney Australia to far flung Gilroy Ca? It’s not because my impressions need a holiday. It’s because they constantly deliver great work.  It is honestly a pleasure to try in anything they send me. And they are the nicest people to deal with. Nothing is too much trouble. Nice people, great work, fair pricing (considering the high quality) on time, fits great, fantastic communication. What more could you ask for? In fact, the more I think about it they put my own business to shame. I’m glad I’m a dentist, not a lab.”
Williams Dental LabJana Gyurina, DDS, LVIF
“The relationship between a Dentist and their lab is a key to the overall success of any practice.  I have worked with Bob Clark and Williams Dental Laboratories for nearly 7 years.  Bob and his team have earned my confidence because they consistently provide outstanding results.  Their commitment to creating superb artistic and functional restorations has allowed me to become a better dentist and care provider for my patients.  And their customer support is impeccable.  As well, Bob is committed to continuing education by lecturing and supporting at the IACA, ACE and many other prominent associations and organizations.  He also has the distinction of being the first lab technician to receive the Mastership Award from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.  Williams Dental Laboratories is a superior organization and their commitment to excellence is beyond reproach.”
Williams Dental LabWendy McCreight, D.D.S.
“Williams Dental Laboratories…..the ultimate professionals that are ALWAYS helpful, friendly and timely.  They produce the most beautiful, perfectly designed (fit and function) restorations in the business.  I am so grateful for their attention to detail, their amazing service and their pursuit to make their clients happy.  I recommend them, above all, to my dental peers/friends.
Thanks for everything you do for our office!”
Williams Dental LabKent Smith, DDS
“If one of my patients needs a beautiful smile, the only lab that I trust is Williams Dental. Incomparable service; unparalleled expertise; unconscious results. Put simply, they are a WINNER!”
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